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Scripture of the Day

"Haughty eyes and a proud heart, the guides of the wicked, are sin."

Pride, wretched, wretched pride, it penetrates my nostrils; it dismays Me. I look away; I cannot stand the sight of arrogance and pride. A haughty look, a contorted smile, an arrogant laughter, a presuming of innocence, all the while found guilty in My eyes! A wicked and rebellious people will be purged and expelled from among My holy ones.
I AM is the leader. I AM is the anointer. I AM is the redeemer.
I exalt who I please, and I tear down whomever is found unworthy. Fear Me, the Great I AM. I come with great wrath and fury! Clean your garments, clean up your sin, rid yourself of pride, and examine yourself carefully, or you will be caught unaware; you will not be able to stand before Me on that great and terrible day! Examine yourself, come to Me, weep and repent bitterly, for disgrace is upon you who hide your sins in the dark, who cover your sins in pride. A wretched and filthy mess you are, you who defile My temple, you who live in rebellion, you who do not seek My council nor My guidance, who say, "but I can do anything." You are your own master, crooked and defiled are your ways. You believe I will reward you for the things you do in vain. You are in error, and you do not know My ways. My way comes through the spirit, you must be led in all things by the spirit, not by your pride in your flesh. Be obedient to My ways, My Word says, but you say in your heart that My Word is not sufficient. For you, there will be no reward, for many will say, "Lord, Lord", and I will say, "I never knew you." The activities you do to fill the voids in your heart, where are the activities I have set out before you to glorify My Name? You have stolen from Me and defiled My Name! You steal glory from the Father when you boast on behalf of your flesh. You serve Me not. You stay silent when it is time to speak, and when it is time to glorify My Name, you exalt yourself instead. In your pitiful pride, in your pitiful flesh, you are blind, and wretched, and poor, and the things you love will come to nothing, for I am furious in My wrath, and My wrath will be poured out in justice! My Word says, "Fear the Lord!" Yet, I see clearly your fear of man above Me! Senseless and blind people, you believe everything you see. You have lost touch with your inner being. You do not believe that I AM will do the things I have said. It is written in My Word. Woe, because the time has come. The earth will become my threshing floor. I will purge out the wicked, thus saith the Lord. The wolves in sheep's clothing, I am coming for you! You who ruin My harvest, fake workers of iniquity who stampede My crops in your reckless behavior, and your love for the things of this world leading My sheep astray. For what you believe was for good has turned out to be for worse! You can do nothing good without Me.

You can produce no good fruit without Me! The things you love shall perish; all that you do to glorify yourself will be no more. I shall covet the pleasures of the coveter. I shall tear down the delusions of the proud! I shall expose the wicked amongst the holy. I shall separate the wheat from the tares.

My true servants walk carefully in the spirit, armed and ready to serve Me at every opportunity. You who scorn My servant and believe you are righteous while walking in the pride of your flesh, you speak against My workings to save and to deliver, to awaken the lost and bring hope and salvation to the wayward and the outcast.
Vanity, gluttony, and pride are your abominable sins that lead you into every other sin that you commit against Me. Your service to yourself and all of your pleasures has become your existence, you who love to splurge on the things in this world and deny My calling. You are the wicked servant who has no regard for his master. You have no time for Me; I give you everything, and still you do not acknowledge Me. Selfish ambitions defile you, selfish intent resides in your heart, and it is not hidden. You reject the ones whom I have sent to you to glorify My Name and speak My Word. The ones whom you reject are the ones whom I am working through to get to you. You know Me not. It is I AM who you are rejecting. This is the season I will purge out a wicked people. Repent, I say, repent! Many will fall away and gnash their teeth at Me! A rebellious people who do not know Me, who do not seek Me with all their heart, mind, and soul. They praise Me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me! Weep and wail. If you do not repent, I will remove your lamp stand and your world will go dark. Repent, I say, repent, for time is no more!

"Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and perform the deeds you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place." ~ Revelation 2:5 ~

"Furthermore, you are to tell this people that this is what the LORD says: 'Behold, I set before you the way of life and the way of death." ~ Jeremiah 21:8 ~

~ Jeremiah 15 ~